Martha is a charming poem of Walter De La Mare. It is a poem for children and its theme is ordinary. Martha was a beautiful lady. She was a veteran story teller. She used to narrate her story in a valley full of hazal trees. She began her stories with the words ‘once… once upon a time…’. She repeated the term over and over. When Martha narrated her stories, she sat in a strange way. Her gestures made her stories effective. The stories used to be about fairies and gnomes. Children assembled around her and they heard the stories. They were lost in them. They felt as if they were in a dreamland. They forgot the surroundings as well as their own existence. There were stillness and calmness all around. It seems that children were transported to the bygone ages. Thus, Martha created a magical spell through her stories.

Martha’s Features

Martha was a beautiful woman. Her body was lean and thin. Her hands were tiny. Her chin was narrow. Her eyes were clear and grey. Her face had magnetic charms. She spoke softly and gently. She was a good story teller. Each word of her stories crated magical spell on children.

How did Martha narrate a story? What was the effect of Marth’s story?

Martha was a good story teller and she used to tell her stories in a valley full of Hazel trees. Her way of telling stories was amazing and charming. Children were absorbed in them. Thus, Martha’s stories produced a wonderful effect on the listeners.