Examination held on 01/12/2021   Second Shift

Few Questions Based on Memory

1. Shakespeare’s play within play   –  A Midsummer’s Night Dream

2. Characters from Waiting For Godot-  Vladimir and Estragon

3. Trial Death of Didan Kimathi- wathiango

4. Something is rotten in the state of Denmark- Said by Marcellus

5. The Voter written by-   Shyam D( Match the following type)

6. Ecofeminism coined by –  French feminist Françoise d’Eaubonne in 1974

7. Song writers who won noble- BoB Dylan

8. Image of an Image- Plato

9. Bertolt Brecht- Epic Theatre

10. Who said against slavery in Victorian period- Horace Walpole

11.  Tolstoy, Lear and Fool- Essay by George Orwell

12. Dickens- Jacob Marley as Ghost

13. Hijra Life story- Book by Revati

14.Agra and Lahore Paradise Lost- Book 11

More questions are welcome in the comment box