Exam held on 18/9/2020 shift timing 12 pm to 2.30 (Based on Memory)

1. Oedipus complex in D. H. Lawrence can be found in?

Answer- Sons and Lovers (BSTET ENGLISH)

2. A pattern of accented and unaccented syllable in poetry is called as-

Answer- metre

3. Who called keats as greek-

Answer- Shelley

4. Salman Rushdie won booker prize in 1981 for which work?

Answer- Midnight’s Children

5. Title of Things fall Apart has been taken from?

Answer- The second coming

6. Who is Lamia in Keats work?

Answer- Serpent Women

7. Who wrote Macavity cat?

Answer- T. S. Eliot

8. Coleridge started the romantic movement with?

Answer- William Wordsworth

9. Who called Dryden the father of English Criticism?

Answer- Samuel Johnson

10. Who was the pioneer of new criticism?

Answer- John Crowe Ransom

11. Who said about whom he found it brick and left it Marble?

Answer- Johnson on Dryden

12.Who, among the following, is a Nobel Laureate?

(A) Tony Morrison

(B) Seamus Heaney

(C) Ted Hughes

(D) Geoffrey Hill

Answer: (B)

13. Who was also known as Madavikutty?

Answer- Kamla Suraiyya

14. Who used stream of consciousness for the first time?

Answer- William James

15. Art for art sake is taken from which language?

Answer- French

16. Magnus opum work of Chaucer is?

Answer- The canterbury Tales

17. William Congreve is associated with?

Answer- Comedy of manners

18. What is dierge?

Answer- A song sung on somebody’s death.

19. Anne Hathway was-

Answer- Wife of Shakespeare

20. Who was the metaphysical poet

Answer- John Donne

21. What was the other name given to the Macavity Cat

Answer- Hidden Paw

22. who has not visited any university-

Answer- Shakespeare

23. Willing Suspension of disbelief was given by?

Answer- Coleridge

24. Confession of an English opium Eater is by?

Answer- Dequincy

25. To be or not to be is taken from?

Answer- Hamlet

26. The Father of English Novel?

Answer- Henry Fielding

27. stream of consciousness was given by-

Answer- William James

28. what is the meaning of chicken feed?

Answer- A small amount

29. prepare yourself for the worst passive?

Answer- Be prepaired for the worst

30. Was it cowardice that i dare not to kill him is refereed to?

Answer- snake

31. what came late in prehistoric period?

Answer- writing

32. Anton Chekhov started his career from writing?

Answer- Comic sketches

33. In hearts at peace under an English heaven is a line from the poetry which depicts-

Answer- war

34. Autobiography of Maya Angelou?

Answer- disputed question because there are seven autobiographies but we had only four options.

35- people demand newspaper according to-

Answer- social interest

36- A Tale of two cities depicts the life of?

Answer- London and Paris

37- I ………… bank a lot of money ( do not remember exactly)

Answer- owe

38. full form of ohp?

Answer- over head projector

39- Tennyson’s monodrama?

Answer- Maud

40. which of the following is audio learning material

Answer- radio