Q. Write the summary of the poem The Gifts of God

Ans- ‘The Gifts of God’ is a devotional poem of George Herbert. It has a religious theme. It throws light on the relationship between God and man. God created amn and he wanted to make the life of a man blissful and splendid. He had a glass full of so many gifts. Those gifts were strength, beauty, wisdom, honor, pleasure and rest. God bestowed them one by one on man. At last rest was withheld as a gift to humankind by God. It was the most valuable gift. If God could habe given this gift to man then the man would have thought himself as self sufficient. This is one of the reasons that God kept him restless. This restlessness would force human beings to remember God. In that case God would embrace him.

Q. What did God say when he made man?

Ans- God at first made man and he was happy to see him. He had a glass full of blessings. He wished to gather the riches of the world. He would bestow all of them on man. This was what he said when he made man.

Q. Why did god denied rest to man?

God created man but denied rest to him. He knew that man may forget the existence of God if rest would be bestowed on him. This is the reason that God denied rest to man. As a result man is always restless and he remembers the almighty to provide some solace to him.