Mohan   : A young man of 25.

Surya Kant: Mohan’s father.

Rakesh: A friend of Mohan.

Prem: Elder son of Surya Kant.

Gayatri: would be Wife of Prem.

Jiva: Father of Gayatri & Suhasini

Suhasini: Sister of Gayatri.

Madhu. Mother of Gayatri and Suhasini.

                                                                ACT 1

                                                                SCENE 1

                                               Enter Prem And Mohan, two brothers.

Prem. Have you taken leave from your job?

Moh. Yes, but my nerves are restless.

Prem. Why brother what is the matter?

Moh. We have to leave tomorrow and there is no time left.

Prem. I know but do not vex your nerves. Everything will be done.

Moh. Have you bought watch for mother, shirt for father and utensils for home?

Prem.  Yes, need not to worry.

Moh. It’s a bitter cold don’t forget to carry the blankets.

Prem. I guess I have heard you well, good night.

                                                                                       …both of them exit.

                                  Enter  Jiva and Suhasini

Suh. Father how much you have paid?

Jiv.  Enough to save the family’s pride.

Suh . Are we threat to the pride?

Jiv. No, but why do you think so much. Just see your sister and take care of her happiness.

Suh . She is happy as you have bought her the happiness.

Jiv. That’s like my daughter. I will also do it for you don’t worry.

Suh . Earlier marriages were made in heaven but now a day it is decided.

Jiv. Yes my dear I can make the fortune of my daughters.

Suh. Yes, you are a good maker and a good dealer.

Jiv. Do u know the status of a doctor?

Suh. Yes father, enough to make one’s fortune.

Jiv. It seems you are not happy, tell me if anything is not done accordingly.

Suh. No father everything is perfect. Can I select the bridal saari.

Jiv. Of course beta but you must take care of your mother’s choice.

                                                                                       Exits Jiva

 Suh  .( speaking to herslf).  This world is full of unjust circumstances. Being human is not so easy.          

            Fortunes are never selected but imposed. Thank god we have not to think    

            much. Being ignorant is bliss. There is no choice for love but fortune.

            Our father is full of uneven fortunes. Parental care makes us so worthy that

            It is hard to decide. Let me ask to dear sister if she is happy enough to smile

            at her fortune.

                                                                                       Enter Gayatri

Suh. Oh sister I was coming to you, what made you visit here?

Gaya. I have to say something to my father. Have you seen him?

Suh. He was here for some moment. Sister I want to know something.

Gaya. Not now, I am in a hurry….

Suh. What is the matter dear…are you not happy with this marriage?

Gaya. Aey u need not to worry. I know I am my father’s darling.

Suh.  Me too but have you seen the groom? Is he tall…handsome?

Gaya. Why are you asking such thing? He is the choice of our dear father. Is that

            not enough for you? You want to see his choice…

Suh. Dear sister you are so beautiful but ignorant I think father has bought your                                 

          Fortune. Can you arrange a meeting between the groom and yourself?

Gaya. You are too demanding. You know very well that we are not supposed to do

            So but for your happiness I will ask dear father if he can hear your heart.

Jiva is attending a phone call and Gayatri enters .she starts arranging her father’s wardrobe and thinking….

Gaya.  Is he tall…handsome? How can I know…. Suhasini is a fool but she can read my mind. My father has seen him is it not enough? I think I should ask my father but how can I do so?

Jiv.  What happen my dear child? You know I was talkimg to your father-in-law and he said that fifth of the next month is right for the marriage. I am very happy soon you will be married. Only fifteen days are left now and I have to manage a lot of things.

Gaya.  Father is it not too soon?

Jiv. No dear tell me if you are thinking something.

Gaya. Nothing…

                                                                   ACT II

                                               The wedding night….

Jiva is attending the contractor who has taken contract to feed the wedding guests. Wedding songs are being played in the background. The whole house has been decorated with flowers and perfumes. There are a lot of relatives taking care of the happiness of the ceremony. The daylight has faded completely now and the generators have illuminated the whole surroundings. The clock strikes ten and there enters twenty white Scorpios all well decorated and laden with the wedding guests. Fire crackers are at their heights and Jiva runs to the car which bears Surya kant  and sons.

Jiv.  Welcome..welcome.

Surya . My driver will not let me go unless he is paid bakshis for the occasion.

Jiv. It is my pleaure sir( gives the driver a note of rupees 500)

Surya .  very well decoration Jiva congratulations now we are going to be Samdhi forever.

All the wedding guests follows jiva and surya kant. Prem  sits on the special chair kept on stage whereas the other guests take their position inside the hall which has been decorated with flowers. The guests are feeling delighted and Mohan comforts them. Later Prem is accompanied by his father. The photographers are taking snaps from different angles.

Enters Madhu with her female companions all singing a wedding song

                                                                                       Surya kant exits from the stage.

Madhu.  Jamai raja please stand.

Prem stands and smiles but he is unable to stand for a long time as he is drunk heavily.  Suhasini is watching him but anyhow he manages to stand but sits soon on the chair. There are several talking going in between the ladies who have come on the stage to take Prem for the wedding rituals. There is a ritual jaimala in which the bride and the groom put flower garlands into each other’s neck. The bride comes on the stage accompanying her friends.

Suh. He is not worthy to be the husband of my sister.

Madhu. R u mad? Is it the place to say such things.

Suh. Mother, you keep quiet as always you have done so.

Madhu. What will your father think?

Suh. I also care for my sister.

Madhu. You tell Gayatri … is she repeating your words?

Suh. Mother, this man cannot stand properly how can he take care of your daughter?

Madhu. Enough… I command you to leave the stage.

Prem. Have you all gone mad?( he sits again)

All the wedding guests are standing and watching the drama. Jiva is sweating and trembling. He cannot move.

Madhu. My dear Gayatri put the garland into the neck of Jamai raja.

                                                                                       Suhasini now breaks the silence.

Gaya. Mother, I ll not marry.

Madhu. Have courage my dear darling.( weeping)

Suh. Have courage my dear sister.(weeping)

Gaya. I will prefer to die but I will not marry.

Surya kant commands Mohan to take his brother into the car as the wedding is not going to happen. They are all going back but Jiva interrupts in between. He is praying to Surya Kant to stop but he is not listening. Jiva brings out his pistol.

Jiv. I will shoot myself if this marriage will be spoiled.( he is trembling)

Surya. It has already been spoiled. why are you waiting?

Jiv. Ok then( he put his finger on the trigger of the pistol)

Suhasini and madhu runs. Gayatri is standing still not speaking any word. Rakesh also runs and reaches to Jiva. He snatches the pistol from jiva. Mohan is shocked to see rakesh.

Rakesh: let me marry the bride. I am not drunk but poor.

Jiva. Who are you? Leave me alone. Give me my pistol.

Suhasini. What were you going to do father?

Jiva. Don’t speak to me.

Jiva snatches his pistol from Rakesh and runs to a corner. Rakesh also runs on the stage and put the garland into the neck of Gayatri. He also marks the forehead of Gayatri with Vermillion kept on the table of the stage. All the wedding guests are watching. Jiva puts his pistol aside and Suhasini brings him on the stage.  

                                                                                       The curtain goes down….