It is needless to point out the importance of reading books. We all know that it is one of the qualities which separate human beings from animals. Critics and scholars have said that every idea or action which is taken by human beings has already been written in a book. Thus, it can also be said that we are not doing anything new because what we do or what we think has already been mentioned in any book. As for example as a student if you fall in love with somebody then it can have three impacts on your life. First impact can be constructive that you may achieve your love and feel contented. Second impact can be destructive where you feel neglected by your partner and you can think of harming either yourself or your partner. Third impact is general where an ordinary person becomes an extraordinary person by thinking that the whole world is responsible for his love failure so he has the responsibility to question the authority.  By thinking this a lot of lovers and beloved have changed the world. This is just an example. It is equally applicable to every topic.  I Just want to state that whatever you think or whatever you do everything has already been stated in a book. This is one of the prime reasons that people who love to read are more experienced then common people. They learn a lot from history. They never repeat the same mistake which the author has committed and written in his book. If you are a businessman, student, housewife or a representative of salaried class you need to understand that you have limited time to prosper ahead in your life and carrier. So, you must read books which can guide you and make you aware about the coming hurdles. Make these books your friend so that you can understand that what you think has already been thought by someone. Being a reader it is your responsibility to make some points in your diary which you learn from books. I will give you a fine example from current affairs. In the lock down period there is a girl who carried her father from Haryana to her home town in Bihar on bicycle. It is not a fiction but a fact. Media has compared her with Shrawan Kumar who dedicated his life in service of his parents. She is just fifteen and it is amazing to listen or read this kind of news in today’s world. Let me disclose ten books which will compel you to think about yourself.

  1. Pride and Prejudice– it is a novel written by Jane Austen which can change your perception of love and marriage. To read this novel you can need a silent mind where you can enjoy the thinking of characters like Mr. William Darcy. I have given this novel a priority because almost ninety percent people are happy in life if they are satisfied in their marriage. It is only through love and marriage where a culture or a tradition is deep rooted or uprooted. The next novel which you can read for a better understanding of life is –
  2. Jane Eyre– it is one of my favorites because I love the character of Jane and Rochester. Charlotte Bronte has written it beautifully and after reading this book you can feel a change in your perception of life.
  3. 1984It is one among the banned books which is still very popular. It is a dystopian novel which has been written by George Orwell. After reading this book you will find a sudden change in your school of thought. It is a critique of the prevailing political circumstances. In this book you can have a clear understanding of political supremacy. A line from this novel “Big brother is watching you” is still quoted.
  4. Rich Dad Poor Dad– it was written in 1997 but it is popular still today. It was written by Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter. In this book the author has tried to write about financial literacy. If you want to become financially sound and independent then it is a must reading book.
  5. Mrs Dalloway– it is a novel written by Virginia Woolf. In this novel Woolf has tried to talk about modernism. Author has used stream of consciousness technique to show us the sphere of life. If you want to read life in a close way then I suggest you to read this book.

I have mentioned only five books because it was a very tough job to provide you the list of best books. I have a long list which I will provide my readers in the next article. These books are valuable because they have the potential to change your mind.