Today In almost every country people take education only to get a good job. In countries like India people wish to get government job. Students who prepare to enroll themselves in government job go through a hectic preparation. There are so many competitive exams in which questions on different subjects like Mathematics, Reasoning and English are asked. In this current article students will know how to make their skills worthy for earning. Apart from full time job they can earn by writing some good articles in any language. English is a language which is acknowledged as an International language. If you can write in this language you can have your writings widely circulated. Thus, it is needless to say that you can find readers from different countries. Now, the most important question is how can we earn by becoming a writer? There are so many ways to get published but the most useful way of earning is blog writing.

What is blog writing?

Blog writing is putting your content on websites. Students are confused as they are unable to understand that what is a blog? A blog is written regularly on a fixed subject or topic. If you want to write on topics related to health then you can create a blog site on the topics like health education. It is only the writer who can decide that what should be the title of the blog site. The next question is that- can we write blog by paying some money or is it free? The answer is very simple that if you are a beginner you should start writing blogs on free platforms like Word press or blogger. Now, being a regular and punctual writer you will be able to understand the market value of your article.

How can we start?

We can start without spending any money by logging to websites like or  or . There are some other websites also but these websites are best and users can understand once they use it.

What should we write?

Everybody has his own area of interest. Someone loves to watch movies so it is easy for him to write about movies. Someone is good at writing travel experiences so he can be a good travel writer. Thus, you need to decide your own taste and avoid writing something new because if you are not aware of the things then how can you spread awareness in others. A proper key word research on Google can suggest you the title for your BlogSpot.

How can we find who are reading our post?

After creating free blog site and writing articles we are interested in readers. We want to know that who are the readers and where are the readers? Such questions can be answered easily by tools like Google Console and Google Analytics. We can create account on Google Console and Google Analytics free of cost. By assistance of these tools we can find our readers and all the data associated with our blog site.

How can we monetize our post?  

This is the most important question because writers struggle in this phase and it requires time to monetize our blog. However, there are writes and they have proved that everything is possible if you have talent. Wring good posts can create good traffic that can help you to earn handsome money. Google Ad sense is the platform on which you have to register your website. Log into and fill up the form. Submit your form and within seventy two hours your account will be approved and you will be eligible to earn money through advertisement.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is major source of earning money. Flip kart, Amazon, Vcommission and other marketing websites can link their product on your blog site.  If somebody purchases those products through your website then you will be credited up to 12% through Affiliate Marketing. Percentage Commission depends upon the product or brand. You can find the exact percentage commission on Marketing Websites. To become an Affiliate just log into or and others.