1. In which year Samuel Johnson published his dictionary

A.1775                                              B.1785

C.1695                                              D.1755              

  • “But trailing clouds of glory do we come

From God, who is our home” is taken from

A. The Prelude                                  B. Ode on immortality

C. Ode to Duty                                 D. Tintern Abbey

  • Who identified Poets as the “Unacknowledged legislators of mankind.”

A. P.B.Shelley                                  B. S.T.Coleridge

C. William Wordsworth                    D. John Donne

  • Which Poem of T.S.Eliot is also known as conversion Poem because it is one of the first long poems he wrote after converting to Anglicanism.

A. A Game of Chess                         B. Ash Wednesday

C. Aunt Helen                                   D. Portrait of a Lady

  • Rajmohan’s Wife (1864), the first English novel, was written by

A. R.B.Roy                                       B. B.C.Chateerjee

C. Ramakrishna                                D. Romesh Chandra Dutt.

  • “Sunburnt mirth” is an excellent example of……… Keat’s imagery

A. nature                                           B. Synesthesia

C.heat                                               D. Oxymoron

  • “The burning ghat erupted phosphorescene” is taken from

A.Tintern Abbey                               B.The curative

C. Macavity                                                D.Fire-Hymn

  • Swinburn’s Atlanta in Calydon can be kept under

A. Greek Tragedy                             B. Revenge Tragedy

C. Roman Tragedy                                     D. Domestic Tragedy

  • Match the following works with their author-

i. A Trick                                          p. Germaine Greer

ii. A Child is born                             q. Martin Luther King jr.

iii. I have a Dream                                      r. Keki Daruwala

iv. Fire-Hymn                                   s.R.K.Sinha

A. i-s,ii-p,iii-q,iv-r                                      B. i-r,ii-s,iii-p,iv-q

C.i-s,ii-p,iii-q,iv-r                              D.i-q,ii-p,iii-r,iv-s

  1.  A man is standing………………the table

A. in front of                                    B. around

C. beneath                                        D.along

  1.  The title Things Fall Apart is taken from

A. W.B.Yeats                                   B. Hopkins

C. Dylan Thomas                              D. T.S.Eliot

  1. “let nature be thy teacher” lines are written by

A. John Donne                                  B. William Cowper

C. William Shakespeare                    D. William Wordsworth

  1.  Religio Medici by Sir Thomas Browne is

A. Science against faith                     B. Faith against Science

C. supernatural elements                            D. Mayan Calendar

  1.  John Ruskin’s Unto This Last is about

A Scientific Journey to Atlanta                  B. Social media

C. Social Justice                               D. Democracy

  1. Geraldine appears in

A. Christabel by Coleridge              B. Mrs. Warren

C. Alfred Prufrock                                      D. Mill on the Floss.